Our FLEX GOLD product

The package for seasoned carsharers who use FLEX Carsharing regularly.


Monthly fee 20€

Price per hour (**)

1st and 2nd hours: €4.80 per hour

3rd hour onwards: €2 per hour

Price per kilometre

1-20 km: €0.35 per km

More than 20 km: €0.40 per km

FLEX Gold is our subscription package for regular users of the FLEX Carsharing service. It comes with a low monthly fee of €20, and cheaper prices per hour and per kilometre than the Basic package.

Our FLEX Gold prices include all charges (fuel, car hire, insurance*, wear and tear, servicing, cleaning, customer service, etc.).

(*) An excess of €900 applies per claim. If you take out the “low excess” option, the excess is reduced to €300 per claim.

(**) Calculated per quarter-hour (including incomplete quarter-hours). Minimum charge: half an hour.

(The low excess option costs €50 per year)

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