Our FLEX BASIC product

Our fixed fee-free package. Perfect if you’re new to carsharing or only use FLEX occasionally.

FLEX Basic

Monthly fee 0€ (**)

Price per hour (***)

1st and 2nd hours: €5.80 per hour

3rd hour onwards: €3 per hour

Price per kilometre

1-20 km: €0.40 per km

More than 20 km: €0.45 per km

FLEX Basic is our subscription package with no monthly fee. It’s the ideal way to test out FLEX, Carsharing by CFL, and experience the convenience for yourself. Once you’re registered, all you need is your FLEX card and you’re ready to go. You never know when you might need a car in a hurry. Luckily, there’s always a FLEX nearby!

Our FLEX Basic prices include all charges (fuel, car hire, insurance*, wear and tear, servicing, cleaning, customer service, etc.).

(*) An excess of €900 applies per claim. If you take out the “low excess” option, the excess is reduced to €300 per claim.

(**) For technical reasons, you will be charged a €5 fee when you register. The fee will be reimbursed as a credit note against your Basic account. You can then put the €5 towards your journeys.

(***) Calculated per quarter-hour (including incomplete quarter-hours). Minimum charge: half an hour.

(The low excess option costs €50 per year)

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