More than 30
FLEX stations
throughout Luxembourg

Where can I get
my FLEX-Card?

Why choose FLEX?

FLEX carsharing is all about flexibility. Take the train or the bus, enjoy some shut-eye, delve into a good book or get some work done on the go. And if you need a car, there’s always a FLEX nearby! Book in advance whenever it suits you and use FLEX however you like!

« FLEX: my car on demand »


  • Can be combined with public transport
  • Excellent value for money
  • Always available
  • Flexible
  • Easy and practical
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Flexible, simple, sur mesure!
  • Individuel, abordable, My car on demand

How does FLEX work?

FLEX customers have at their disposal more than 80 cars at 30 stations. The cars are available at our designated FLEX parking spots and have to be returned to the pick-up location.

Our electric and non-electric cars are equipped with an automatic gearbox as well as a navigation system and a Bluetooth connection.

Book your FLEX:

  • via the website (
  • using the mobile app
  • FLEX Service Centre: +352 2883 3882
  • Je trouve facilement un véhicule proche
  • Ich möchte le véhicule qui me convient!

A car on demand, just a few clicks away...

You decide when and how you use FLEX!

carte Flex
  • picto

    Register online

  • picto

    Head once to the CFL ticket desk

  • picto

    Your FLEX card is activated

  • picto

    You’re ready to go!

Available models

Modern cars with just the right engine power, featuring on-board equipment such as sat-nav and Bluetooth.

  • Plus grande ou plus petite
  • Véhicule électrique
  • Choisir son style


At all stations

icon PDF BMW i3

At some stations

icon PDF BMW 118i

At all stations

Find a station

The FLEX network will constantly improve and expand to take account of customer feedback.
The at this time there are across 20 stations.

Choose your subscription package and sign up today!

We have three basic subscription packages, including:

  • fuel (or battery charging)
  • comprehensive insurance(*)
  • servicing, maintenance and wear and tear
  • cleaning and valeting
  • 24/7 customer service

(*) An excess of €900 applies per claim. If you take out the “low excess” option, the excess is reduced to €300 per claim (the low excess option costs €50 per year).

(**) For technical reasons, you will be charged a €5 fee when you register. The fee will be reimbursed as a credit note against your Basic account. You can then put the €5 towards your journeys.

(***) Calculated per quarter-hour (including incomplete quarter-hours). Minimum charge: half an hour.

Calculate your fee

Special offers for those special occasions

Need to come home late or head out early in the morning?
Don’t fancy travelling to your nearest FLEX station to pick up a car in the morning?

Then our special NIGHT offer is for you! Take your FLEX car home with you for a fixed fee of just €16 (€19 for Basic subscribers).


FLEX Gold (+)

“FLEX overnight” fixed charge 16€

FLEX Basic

“FLEX overnight” fixed charge 19€

Fixed hourly charge between 7 pm and 7 am.
Distance costs are added on top, according to your subscription.

Charge for each extra hour outside this period: €2
(€3 for Basic subscribers).

Have a question? Check out our FAQs

Head to our FAQ page to see answers to common questions.

Business Local authority or business?

Here at CFL Mobility, we aim to provide a carsharing service that works. That’s why we deal directly with our customers and potential partners – institutions, businesses and local authorities.

If you’re interested in FLEX, Carsharing by CFL, please get in touch.

Fairplay 7 simple rules

Carsharing only works if we treat everyone else with respect.

  • Return your FLEX car to the pick-up location in time and make sure the fuel level is above one-third.
  • Do not share your FLEX card with anyone else
  • Do not smoke inside the car
  • Keep the car clean and clear away all your waste
  • Only transport pets in a suitable carrier
  • Report any unauthorised vehicles parked in FLEX spaces
  • Check your vehicle before you set off and report any damage to the FLEX Service Centre

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Sophie, 35

«I live and work in the city so I don’t need a car.
logo Flex gives me the freedom to get around at an affordable cost!»

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